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Flume Had to Change His Style Because of Copycats

Did you wonder why the new album sounds so different from his old music?

Flume's new album Skin has been met with mixed reviews. Whether fans enjoy it or not, everyone can agree, the Australian producer seems to have changed his style. 

It happens every time an artist blows up with a unique sound, other artists start to catch on and copy it. We recently wrote about how EDM eats itself with an infographic showcasing how a unique sound gets popular, and then completely over saturated. It happened to tropical house with Kygo, and now it's happened to Flume as well. Who's next, Jauz? 

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Flume definitely had a unique vibe to his material, which helped to launch him into super-stardom. This vibe was then followed by numerous producers trying to recreate his sound. The groovy future bass sound started a movement, but that inherently forced Flume to branch out and do something new with his sophomore album. 

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"I do, I have to move on but as annoying as it is - it's also flattering and it also means I move forward rather than just get lazy and keep using the same sounds." Flume told Triple J's Richard Kingsmill in an interview. 

As an artist, Flume has evolved and matured, which is evident on the album Skin, showcasing the wealth of talent this young producer has. Lead by the single "Never Be Like You," the album ushers in a new era for the artist, and we are excited to see where it takes him.

If you haven't heard the album you can stream it on Spotify.

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