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Flying Lotus clearly has an issue with rappers as he recently unloading a collection of tweets aimed at the specific mindset of such artists.

“Hella rap artists are rape artists," FlyLo said in a series of tweets that have since been deleted. "Taking advantage of abilities thinking its a good look for us! Most my people behind the scenes is broke.” He added that many producers “get fuked with no vaseline” by rappers who just expect them to supply beats instantly.

Flying Lotus continued to unload his opinion, saying that if a rapper asks for a beat on the spot, "tell them to pay your fee on the spot, cuz fuck that.”

Although we are not exactly sure who FlyLo was referring to, he did mention a popular producer rapper collaboration, Metro Boomin and Future, as an example. "If u ask me. It's Metro Boomin featuring Future. He makes that shit what it is tbh."

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He went on to clarify his comments: "Don't make this something it's not.I think future is dope but producers build the landscapes."

FlyLo does seem to have a point, as producers on major Hip Hop or Pop tracks get the back seat while the vocalist or rapper gets the spotlight. Something must have rubbed him the wrong way because ihis comments were very impulsive. We wonder what provoked him.

Look for a new album from FlyLo to drop this year. Stay posted for more news coming soon.

[via: Fact]

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