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Four Tet Shares Surprise Album of Compilation Releases as Free Download

A "sort of new" album from Four Tet
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Four Tet

Four Tet

Four Tet recently released a surprise album featuring music produced between 1996 and 2013. The material consists of tracks that many will recognize as they all have already been released on compilations, but have never been on an official release directly from Four Tet himself. Now he's shared the music as a free download.

When discussing the new album on his BandCamp, Four Tet said: “Over the years there have been some pieces of music that I have made specially for compilation projects. As time passes I find the context it was originally put in often feels a bit random now. So I have put together this new album that brings together this music in a different way.”

The most recent track is ‘Gillie Amma I Love You’, from the 2013 charity release BOATS, while the oldest track on the album is ‘Field’, released in 1996 via a Leaf Records compilation. Many of these have popped up in his live sets over the years as well.

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Listen to the album below and be sure to grab the free download here.


1. ‘Moma’
2. ‘For These Times’
3. ‘Pockets (Minimal Version)’
4. ‘Gillie Amma I Love You’
5. ‘The Reservoir’
6. ‘Nothing To See’
7. ‘Field’
8. ‘Both When I Am Alone And When We Both Are’
9. ‘Castles Made Of Sand’

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