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Frankie Bones Exclusive Mix for Cultivated Sound and Purple Trax [Premiere]

Cultivated Sound is "demanding freaks, couture, and dark figures in motion."
Cultivated Sound (Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens)

Cultivated Sound (Photo by Luis Nieto Dickens)

Cultivated Sound & Purple Trax join forces to bring top notch talent to Brooklyn, featuring the underground staple known as Frankie Bones

"We are bringing in one of the United States' premier rave selectors who developed its prominence in the early 90's. Bringing history to those who need a lesson and pushing up and coming heads to bump all night alongside the legend."

As one of the most aesthetically focused events, in Brooklyn, Cultivated Sound have become synonymous with a raw and rhythm driven sound. To help us get ready for the upcoming session, they tapped Frankie Bones to supply us with a new mix filled with his signature motif.

"Into the fog, and on top of the bass. Capturing the heaviness of living in this city and playing with the outcasts that come out at night and refuse to go home until they've done it all, spent it all, and lived one last day."

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Cultivated Sound & Purple Trax present: Frankie Bones at The Gateway - Purchase Tickets

The Gateway is an underground venue that builds a community of artists and performers, giving them creative control to enact their fantasies and release them to the world. They've broken countless acts and will leave their mark on history the way CBGB scouted talent that others may have left alone.

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