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Summer seems to follow Nora En Pure, aka Daniela Niederer, wherever she goes. Born in South Africa and raised in Switzerland, her music evokes the essence of wanderlust as much as she does. Over the last three years since her track 'Come With Me' peeked its head out in countless DJ sets, she has paved the way for a sweeter style of house music, which leaves listeners feeling like they just spent hours dancing away on sandy beaches or lush tropics.

Carrying herself with strong technical skills and an immense amount of creative energy that is channeled into her production, it's no surprise that Niederer is now being whisked away to the far corners of the world, delivering sunshine to every dancefloor she graces. Standing tall behind her material, she is a female in the industry who makes her mark through hard work, talent and diligence. 

Constantly allowing herself to be inspired and moved by her experiences, and with elements of nature and instrumentals brought out in her tracks, Nora En Pure lives up to her name by producing dance music which focuses on pure grooves. Your body will move to the beat and your face will carry a smile as she carries you to a place of bliss. She took the time to talk with us about her musical endeavors as she shares a slice of paradise in an exclusive guest mix.

Who is Nora En Pure? What is your origin story?

I’m originally South African, but moved to Switzerland when I was quite young. I studied criminal psychology and found myself getting into electronic music on the side. When I graduated, I decided to let myself pursue a career in music, and it’s been an incredible journey so far!

What is your background in music?

I have always been involved in music in one way or another. When I was growing up, we played a lot of instruments at home and I took extra classes at school for singing and music theory. I only became interested in electronic music later on when I met some friends who had their own studios. They introduced me to producing electronic music, and I loved the way you could be so independent and creative with it.

It was in 2013 when I released ‘Come With Me’ that things really started to pick up, and a lot of booking requests came in. We honestly didn’t think that it was going to become what it has become over the years. It was meant to be a B-side track for the EP, but the label decided to make it the lead track, just because Come With Me EP sounded much better than The Loneliness EP.


What inspiration/motivation goes into your production of sultry deep grooves such as, 'True' or 'U Got My Body'?

In general, I am inspired a lot by nature and the African wilderness and try to bring those sounds into my tracks. I am also inspired by classical music, so I like to fuse those different sounds together, which tends to create a really fun and interesting sound. Piano or strings are usually very touching & deep, while a flute or a horn will make it more exotic and summery.

For ‘True' I had three different drafts and chose, in the end, the funkiest one. The chunky baseline makes it irresistible to dance.

'U GOT MY BODY' I first had that vintage analogue sound in the breakdowns. I loved that, imagining it in a club or at a festival I knew that would sound amazing, so I played around with different vocal samples until I found the perfect one.

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What memorable moments do you recall from your most recent tour?

I usually have “short” tours and return home to Zurich in between. Currently, I’m in the US and it’s a really busy tour with 8 shows across the country and one in Mexico City in 11 days. Now I’m in the middle and so far all shows were really good which makes me very happy. Each club is so different, from huge to super intimate and I love these different vibes.

Do you have any tracks or new EPs that you're working on at the moment?

I am always working on new material, but of course, the touring aspect of my job takes away from a lot of studio time. Currently, I’m working on two tracks. One is a follow-up of the 'Saltwater' – another groovy summer track perfect for chilling at the beach or pool bar. And the other one is again something funkier than my recent works. I am currently trying some versions in the clubs and so far they are giving great response and are really fun to play.

As a young woman in the music industry, what changes do you think need to be made for there to be a truly equal playing field for female producers?

I don’t consider it to be unfair for women or something like that. I think it’s on you how you will be perceived in the music scene. If you make it about your music you will also be considered for your music regardless of gender…

Until some years ago I guess you needed to be much more of a nerd, to produce electronic music – that’s probably why it was mainly a guy thing. Nowadays it’s less complicated and you can look up things everywhere and learn it yourself.

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Do you find that whether or not you are "attractive" gets meshed with whether you are "talented"?

How should this be related? I think the opposite; good looks can rather evoke maybe stereotypical thinking. As mentioned above, I think the more you make it about your music and less about your looks the more you will be appreciated and considered for your music.

What future is in store for Nora En Pure?

I have a super busy summer coming up with tour dates all over the world! Often I will be going back and forth between US and Ibiza every week as I will have a summer residency at EDX’s NoXcuses at Privilege.

This will be quite a tough summer but I’m really excited about it and looking forward to all the fun experiences.


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