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Grimes Walks Off Stage Due to “really disturbing” Experience, Says She Will Explain Soon

"In the meantime 'someone from Reddit' or fan accounts are not credible sources."
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Grimes (photo by Kim Metso)

Earlier this week Grimes was performing in New York City when suddenly she walked off stage in the middle of her set. Before doing so, she explained to the crowd that something “really disturbing” happened to her that day and that she was still in shock.

“We just had a really disturbing thing happen to us today, so sorry if my voice is shaking, it’s just kind of a fucked day,” she expressed to the crowd, adding that she was still a bit shaken and was having “a little trouble keeping it together.”

Speculation has been made by many fans that she was threatened by someone, but as we have not received an official statement from Grimes or her representative, it's impossible to know what exactly caused her to be so disturbed. 

In response to the rumors, Grimes took to Twitter to clarify that no credible source has given any factual information. She wrote, "I will explain what happened at Barclays once I can safely and legally do so."

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"In the meantime 'someone from Reddit' or fan accounts are not credible sources. Speculating about my mental health is not news. Thanks."

As we wait for Grimes to reveal what caused her to leave the stage in the middle of her set, you can watch a clip from the performance that took place before the incident. Here she describes how she was feeling at the time.

We will have more information on this developing story as it surfaces.

Grimes also just announced that she will have a track featured on the new Suicide Squad movie soundtrack, titled 'Medievil Warfare'. View the full tracklist here.

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