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At What The Festival, Hippie Sabotage got a little too rowdy for their own good when their set was cut short. More specifically, they started throwing microphones into a nearby pool, and when security intervened to protect the equipment, they decided to play another song, which was soon followed by an intense fight with the security guard. Even when they bring the guard down, they keep choking him on the ground, escalating the situation way too far:

The festival staff are working to keep the show going. They don't deserve this level of disrespect. It's totally uncalled for, and after being called out, Hippie Sabotage's response is hilariously underwhelming:

“It was an unfortunate event that placed us in an unsafe situation in the middle of our performance. We feel terrible that the fans didn’t get the full set, but we love performing for Portland and will be back.”

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Oh, you got placed in an unsafe situation, huh? What about that guard who you were choking out, where's the apology for him? I'm surprised he's not pressing charges. Have some class, boys. When you're ready to make a real apology, we'll be ready to forgive you. Until then, adios.

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