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How EDM Eats Itself -Explained In An Infographic

It's really kind of sad to see a genre you love get cannibalized
edm bubble burst

These genre bubbles be poppin' 

Why is it that electronic music spits out genres faster than Taylor Swift goes through boyfriends (Sorry Calvin, that sucks for you)? 

It's a bummer really; you find a style that you really like and within approximately six months you can't find anything worth listening too in that magical new sub-genre. It's all become a circus of half-baked mediocrity, and your ears can't take anymore, that magic is gone all too quickly. 

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Every asshole producer / manager / A&R guy / hype merchant runs at it like a lemming and we the press and you the fan get enraptured by it all. It's kind of like if Kanye just pulled up in front of your house to take you for a ride on his jet, you are going to say yes and clap a lot (and you don't even like Kanye).

Usually, there is a crop of great producers that ascend and keep making good tunes, but even they are eventually vanquished by the undead hoards of copy cat producers. They just keep posting to Soundcloud and social media like zombies until there is nothing left. You then start wondering, "is this any good at all" as you are buried alive in shitty reproductions, it's like drowning in a vat of energy drink. 

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You certainly don't have to believe the bullshit and genre jump because of peer pressure; it's ok to like the music you want to like it's just a bummer that you have to start sifting throw mounds of compressed shit piles to find it. 

Emotionally most of us can't take it; it's like seeing something you love get destroyed by philistines that just don't understand art and culture, just commerce. So we move on and don't stand up for that genre that now brandishes a scarlet letter, it's all kind of sad really. 

Here is an infographic that gives a quick breakdown on how the rise and fall of sub-genres in Electronic Music happens. This infographic is not a scientific document, so lighten up Tony... I can feel the Troll anger burning up the internet already, put down the Mountain Dew and take a breath.

For those of you that still like Big Room, Progressive Not Progressive, Bro Step, Electro House, Tropical House, Chill-step, Chillwave, Not Really Deep House Deep House, Future House (that still might be cool but it's edging up to the cliff), let your freak flag fly and stand up for those little genres that got orphaned and left for dead. 

Yay Internet! This is why we can't have nice things. 

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