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Is Diplo Really Downloading Your Music?

Is Diplo really diggin' that fire new new?

Every music producer dreams of being discovered by a taste-maker and label head like Diplo, and it seems that lately, every producer is having that dream become reality. To have the superstar himself download your demo and play it out at a solo, Jack U or Major Lazer show would be almost life changing wouldn't it?

There's a decent chance that if you send Diplo a demo of your track on Soundcloud that he'll actually download it. If your friends with producers on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen them post something like "holy cow Diplo just downloaded my track" with a screenshot. It looks amazing and gives validation to the producer that he, or she, is doing something right with their music, but is it legit? 

Is Diplo really listening to your demo and downloading it to potentially play live?

The artist We're Not Friends, born Robert Baker, decided to test it out for himself, only to have the superstar DJ fail terrifically. Robert sent Diplo an audio file on Soundcloud of him yelling, "WESLEY PENCE IS A CHILD TERRORIST AND LOVES DARK CHOCOLATE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE," and somehow Diplo still decided to download it. 

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So what's the takeaway here? Is Diplo really downloading your music? The answer is probably not. He probably has some intern or algorithm running that downloads ~90% of what is sent to him, with a tiny bit being rejected just to keep up the perception that it is realistic and authentic. This also turns out to have hundreds, if not thousands, of producers posting on their social media about how Diplo has just supported them. That's some great free PR for the Mad Decent label boss. His name is being posted everywhere, on all of those producers social media pages.

Feel free to keep posting about how amazing it is that Diplo downloaded your track, it looks legit and brings you a facade of validation until this story gets larger and people figure it out. Just know it probably isn't the producer himself, and the chances of him playing it live are most likely slim to none. 

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