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The newest track titled 'Saint Pablo' is a perfect addition to the already complex sounding album, The Life of Pablo, from Kanye West

After being leaked late March and temporarily showing up on Apple Music, Kanye officially released the new track June 15th. We hear him go a bit deeper with his lyrics, which overall is a big theme on The Life of Pablo. On this new track he’s honest with his audience talking about his personal debt, twitter rants and influence on society, however it wouldn't be a Kanye track if he wasn't a bit braggadocios. Referencing his Time magazine spot and being this generation's closest thing to Einstein, Kanye still finds room for the realness. That being said, the track is awesome and would not be the same without the sample or the feature.

For all you old guys out there, you might recognize the sample on 'Saint Pablo' being from Jay-Z’s 'Where I’m From'. It gives the track a sense of grittiness while mixing some new and old Kanye motifs. 'Saint Pablo' also features the always mysterious Sampha. The British singer adds a soulful hook that compliments the song brilliantly and actually brings a refreshing touch to the later end of the album. Being the closing track on the updated version of The Life of Pablo makes a little more sense than 'Fade' due to it’s more personal nature, rather than a club song.

In true Kanye fashion, he's always unpredictable and that’s what makes him such a great artist. We might even see more changes to the album. What I would like to see however is more visuals. Kanye is usually known for having creative and groundbreaking music videos, but The Life of Pablo hasn’t had any yet. Maybe he’s got something special lined up or maybe he won't make any videos. Just know that The Life of Pablo is likely not finished.

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Be sure to check out the new song exclusively on Apple Music and Tidal. Also, Kanye decided to share the details of this his upcoming tour of the same name. Pre-sales for The Saint Pablo Tour went out earlier this week, make sure you cop the regular drop Saturday morning. Purchase Tickets

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