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Kanye West Surprise Concert Canceled as Near Riot Erupts

Fans mob Webster Hall as Kanye West drives up hanging outside the car sunroof
Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

With the third day of Governors Ball canceled, high profile artist Kanye West attempted to give his fans a surprise performance, but was forced to cancel the gig as crowded streets went into chaos. 

Kanye West announced the show via Twitter, saying the pop-up performance at Webster Hall was already sold out. That didn't stop thousands of fans to rush the streets outside the East Village venue where barricades were set up in an attempt to organize the crowd. 

Close to the scheduled time-slot of 2 AM , Kanye and wife Kim Kardashian rolled up to the venue with Kanye sitting on top of the car, outside the sunroof. This prompted fans to rush the car as it was driving down the street. Then webster Hall posted that the show had been canceled. Nevertheless, it was a nice gesture by Kanye to want to do something like this for his fans.

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You can watch footage from the scene below.

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