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The highly anticipated debut album from Kornél Kovács is coming this summer via Studio Barnhus on August 26.

Described by Axel Boman, label boss at Studio Barnhus, as an album that "will echo far beyond the nervous and trend sensitive 'dance' genre."

We have been waiting for Kovács' debut album for quite some time, but the talented producer has been steadily gaining momentum with stand out releases including 'Szikra' in 2014, 'Pantalón' on Glasgow's Numbers imprint and 'Space Jam' which landed on Smallville Records last year.

"It’s one of our best, most innovative and creative releases to date," said Boman, "and the fact that one of my best friends has managed to do this on the label we share together makes me so proud that I want to cry. 'The Bells' is the reason I dreamed of starting a label in the first place."

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Listen to the first taste of the album, 'BB', and view the complete tracklist below.

A1. Szikra Intro
A2. BB
A3. Dollar Club
B1. Gex
B2. Josey's Tune
B3. Dance... While The Record Spins
C1. Szív Utca
C2. The Bells
D1. Pop
D2. Urszusz

[Kornél Kovács photo by Pierre Björk]

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