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L.A.'s Newest Underground Series 'The Youth' Tonight and Every Thursday Thereafter

The folks behind No Filter deliver yet another cutting edge Thursday night weekly

The rabid dance music scene in Los Angeles is constantly evolving, and with that comes a new Thursday night weekly which takes place down a small side street off Hollywood Boulevard. The venue is 'The Basement'  and the weekly is The Youth, which is quite literally under ground and is brought to you by the folks behind the now defunct weekly No Filter. Expect quality music, good people, and of course a proper spot where it's all going down every Thursday.

The Basement lies right below the rugged street level of McCadden Place in Hollywood. It's a side spot that has been closed down, but has recently been touched up to open for this selective night. 'The Youth' is down a flight of stairs below the main entrance, underneath a neon sign that may lead you to question if you're in the right place as you walk into a dark intimate rectangular room booming with, of course, proper underground dance music from house, dark & minimal sounds, to Romanian techno, deep house, and even some throwback new wave just for good measure.

With resident DJs Brett Mauro & Steven Lira, a crew of curators, and cool people who recognize they want something more, it's a friends and family night with guests hopping on randomly. Stay tuned for more announcements as these guys will be bringing in bigger names.

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So there you have it, Thursday nights in LA are once again a thing thanks to the new underground weekly, The Youth happening every Thursday at The Basement. 

Info & RSVP

Address: 1666 N McCadden Pl. in Hollywood, CA

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