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Leaked Document Reveals How the DEA Describes Rave and Club Culture

"They dress like children and wear lots of colors."
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Police Officer at a rave (photo by Matthew Spong)

Police Officer at a rave (photo by Matthew Spong)

Back in 2001, the Drug Enforcement Agency released a document called 'The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs', which attempted to describe the various people who attend raves and clubs, and how they indulge in drug use. That document has now leaked online, revealing insight into the DEA's mentality.

Although the documents attempt to be educational for new DEA recruits, they instead offer up a hilarious view on dance music culture. They say that "ravers drink Red Bull…because there is caffeine in it." Wonder how could they have guessed that? They also describe trance music as “gentle, but fast,” among other genre descriptions, and provide a brief history of rave culture:


Now that the DEA recruits know how rave culture first started, they should probably get to know how to distinguish between the various styles of music. That's where a handy description of each genre comes in:

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In order for the DEA to distinguish between the types of people they might find at a rave , a description is provided, included the idea that they don't need to worry about old ravers in San Francisco "because there are so many old hippies."


When concluding the document, the DEA makes a point to let their recruits know what "PLUR" means. If you were a DEA recruit and were confused by the word that's been going around, now you know: 


[via DJ Mag]

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