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Little Boots serves up a delicious selection of funky grooves just in time for the summer heat to set in. 

Her vivacious musical style is on full display as she seamlessly transitions through feel good vibes of nostalgic disco. The infectious basslines and lush textures fill the atmosphere as her sound provokes a blissful state of mind.

We took the time to chat with Little Boots to discuss the vision behind her music, her thoughts on women in the music industry, and what we can look forward to from her in the future. Listen to the mix below and get to know Little Boots.

Tell us a bit about this mix, what music did you choose to feature and why?

I was really inspired by the new Larry Levan compilation that has just come out compiled by Bill Brewster I think, its really great and I was surprised to find some tracks I had not heard before. I just wanted to focus on a really nice disco mix for the summer. 

Is there ever a specific message you wish to convey with your music?

There's lots of messages! I think you can be specific in each song, but if there was one overriding thing I would like to get across its that great pop music doesn't have to be straightforward. 

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What is your production process like?

I usually work with a producer I find inspiring. I start a lot of ideas at home, either lyrics or simple chord sequences or a hook melody, then take that in and work it up, or sometimes I just get inspired by a great beat or track, and use that as the starting point. 

Earlier this year you were in Leeds giving a Keynote talk, what things did you discuss and how did it go?

It was really great as I studied in Leeds and that was where I first formed a band, so it was really great to go back and talk about music and how it's changed since then. I talked pretty frankly about my journey through the music industry, the ups and downs and how I regained creative control by setting up my own record label. I also talked a bit about technology and how it can be used to empower independent musicians.

What are your thoughts on the current state of females struggling to be recognized in the music industry?

To sum it up, I think its easy to think everything's evened out and there's no real problem, but if you actually look at the statistics they show things are actually far from the case. So i think its important to raise awareness and keeping talking about these issues especially the lack of female producers, DJs and A&R people.

What can we look forward to you in the future? Anything big coming up this year?

I have a new EP with an unusual format I'm hoping to release soon. I’m also focusing on DJing and building my label, looking for new artists to sign and expanding to events and consultancy. I'm also involved in developing a great new alternative city guide app curated by musicians spilling their tour travel secrets. It's very early days yet but stay tuned to We are hoping to launch soon and have some really great  people on board!

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