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Premiere: Lynx feat. Spoonface - 'Giving In' [Detail Recordings]

Lynx prepares to re-launch his label with a new album featuring this gem of a tune titled 'Giving In'
Lynx (photo by Chelone Wolf)

Lynx (photo by Chelone Wolf)

A decade in the scene is a timeframe worth celebrating and what better means of tribute than re-launching your own label. Lucky for Lynx - he happens to have one he prepared earlier. Detail Recordings presents his new album, Vault 1 - a collection of the best previously unreleased and unheard tracks. With talent such as DRS and Calibre making appearances, it's well and truly Lynx's party and he'll cry if he wants to. But he probably won't, because it's an absolutely sick album.

'Giving In' has an almost ethereal quality. There's something cinematic about this one. Both quiet and urgent in equal ratios, it resonates with those 'should be overlapping a montage' feels. There's some massive emotion present and a lot of the captivation and uplift lies in the icing on the track - vocals from a man called Spoonface - surprisingly. On a less gushing note, there's also what smacks of pigeon sounds interspersed throughout. Pigeon never sounded so good.

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In 2014 Lynx was exclusively signed to Hospital and his 3rd album, I Am Lynx, was well received under this umbrella. That said, the slice of his artistry that features on Vault 1 is something a bit different and a little bit special. Give it a whirl and see where it takes you.

Vault 1 is set to be released June 6, 2016 via Detail Recordings.

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