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Welcome to episode 4 of the Magnetic Imprint Podcast. For this episode we are diving into the territorial waters of Octopus Recordings.

Started in 2007 by DJ/Producer/dabbler in entomology/cosmology/marine biology, Sian, Octopus focuses on heavy dancefloor techno. But just like the cephalopod mollusk that shares its name, this imprint has reached its tentacles into other realms of tech. From dubby grooves and shuffling tech house to minimal beats and warehouse fillers, Octopus has something for everyone. Just a few of the artists that have released through Octopus are: Pleasurekraft, Project AKC, Harvey McKay, Arjun Vagale, Jay Lumen, Juan Sanchez, Hollen, Kernel Key, Calculus, and of course Sian.

Let’s get this party started with Octopus.

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Recommended Articles

1. Calculus - Colour Block (Julian Jeweil Remix) [Octopus]
2. Secret Cinema, Max D-Loved – Juli@ (Original Mix) [Octopus]
3. Sian, Mladen Tomic – Front Pocket (Nicole Moudaber Remix) [Octopus]
4. Kernel Key – Coffee Break (Original Mix) [Octopus]
5. MCBZ – Nizam (Original Mix) [Octopus]
6. Harvey McKay – The Crash (Original Mix) [Octopus]
7. Jay Lumen – Dark Rooms (Original Mix) [Octopus]
8. Pleasurekraft – All Bite, No Bark (Original Mix) [Octopus]
9. Arjun Vagale – Are You There? (Original Mix) [Octopus]
10. Ron Costa – Shape (Original Mix) [Octopus]
11. Juan Sanchez – Pawn Wanna Be Queen (Original Mix) [Octopus]
12. Ramiro Lopez - Neon (Original Mix) [Octopus]
13. Sian, Luigi Madonna – Venus De Milo (Original Mix) [Octopus]
14. Loco & Jam – Omaplata (Original Mix) [Octopus]
15. Sian – Canary In The Coalmine (Bart Skils Remix) [Octopus]

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