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Magnetic Podcast: Catching Up With Borgore

Borgore talks Heavy Metal, Coltrane, politics and why techno doesn't excite him all that much

This EDC Weekend Borgore and his Buygore crew are taking over the SLS Las Vegas and Foxtail Pool Club for a full frontal dose of Gore.

It's going to be a bit nuts, maybe a little insane and very BASS heavy. We got the chance to catch up with Asaf Borger otherwise known as Borgore to talk about the upcoming festivities, why Trump is a lunatic, Ferrari's vs. Lambos, Heavy Metal, Coltrane and why Techno doesn't excite him all that much. 

If you want to win some tickets to the show, you know real VIP-style-like-hang-in-our-cabana-and-say-hello-to-Asaf-type-of #winning.

Check the info Here. 

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