Magnetic Podcast: Catching Up With Borgore

Borgore talks Heavy Metal, Coltrane, politics and why techno doesn't excite him all that much
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This EDC Weekend Borgore and his Buygore crew are taking over the SLS Las Vegas and Foxtail Pool Club for a full frontal dose of Gore.

It's going to be a bit nuts, maybe a little insane and very BASS heavy. We got the chance to catch up with Asaf Borger otherwise known as Borgore to talk about the upcoming festivities, why Trump is a lunatic, Ferrari's vs. Lambos, Heavy Metal, Coltrane and why Techno doesn't excite him all that much. 

If you want to win some tickets to the show, you know real VIP-style-like-hang-in-our-cabana-and-say-hello-to-Asaf-type-of #winning.

Check the info Here. 

Vegas Starts Early This Season - The Grand Opening Of The Foxtail Pool Club At The SLS Hotel

 The Foxtail Pool Club At The SLS Hotel

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