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Baauer's 'Temple' Gets Blindsided By Prismo's Dancehall Sound [Premiere]

What do you get when you mix Baauer and Prismo? Not trap.
Baauer Prismo Remix


It all started like any other time I've listened to 'Temple', but this was in fact a new tune. I actually had to hit pause about 30 seconds in to see if the Prismo remix was, in fact, identical to the original (sans the introductory hypnotherapy session). 

It's not, of course, and I was pleasantly surprised when the remix hit me like a dancehall freight train. This is the beauty of Prismo's production ability. Soon enough, the music flips. It's like a prepackaged surprise party.

Prismo has done some "wilder" hybrid tracks in the past, and this is no exception. His 'Temple' remix adds a heavy punch that the original passed up, and it hits with a fury at festivals. 

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"As you can hear in the remix, I was inspired to transition the song into a syncopated dancehall vibe," Prismo says. "It's one of my first times experimenting with that style, and it was really interesting to create a rhythm-centered groove like that."

Crazy to think that not too long ago Prismo was unsuccessfully trying to form a band. No matter, this Baauer-Prismo combo works just fine. Listen to the new track below.

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