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You Can Now Press Any Song on Soundcloud to Vinyl

A new company is working with fans, rights holders, and pressing plants to help get music on vinyl
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vinyl (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

A new startup called is looking to revolutionize vinyl culture by offering a new service that will allow any track on Soundcloud to be pressed to vinyl.

Many may be confused as to how this can be allowed, but it has nothing to do with stealing other artists' material. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Select your favorite tracks or playlist from your SoundCloud account.

Step 2: Create and preview your record.

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Step 3: Share and rally support for your vinyl record release.

Final Step: Once approved by the artist, your record (with the proper vinyl ready audio files supplied from the producer) will be made available to order.

"Notify your favorite SoundCloud artists of the track you want on vinyl. Artists are then instantly able to convert your request to an online preorder or crowdfunding project on QRATES for you to buy."

From what we can gather by the steps provided by, users will need to put together their own release, then they will have to get the support from others in order for the release to get enough attention, and finally, the release will have to be approved by all artists and rights holders involved.

In a way, this is giving people the chance to act like a record label, working together with artists and the pressing plant in order to release a record. 

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