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Prince Cause of Death Officially Ruled as Opiate Overdose

An official who is close to the investigation broke the news


As many speculated early on, the cause of Prince's death has officially been announced as an opiate overdose, according to The Associated Press.

The iconic musician was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park residence on April 21st. 

It was reported that Prince had been treated for a drug overdose just a week prior to his passing. As his friends and family were greatly concerned for his well-being, he was also scheduled to meet a drug addiction doctor the day he was found dead.

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On April 20 Prince's representatives reached out to Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a well-respected opioid addiction treatment expert, but he was unable to fly out at that moment. His son Andrew made the trip from San Francisco instead, with the focus on meeting Prince the next morning.

On the morning of April 21, Kornfeld arrived at Paisley Studios, bringing with him buprenorphine, a drug that has the ability to subdue opiate cravings. He was never able to administer the drug. They found Prince on the ground in an elevator that morning. 

Many fans were shocked to hear of his addiction to opiates as Prince was known for his clean living. That beings said, he underwent hip surgery and had other physical ailments from years of performing, which is likely the cause for his opiate use.

Prince was 57.

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