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DP Pool Party Event 6/19

SoCal summer sun is shining brightest this blessed up weekend and with that its time to jump in the pool, groove to some sunkissed beats wearing bikinis and boardies and enjoy a cool buzz with the homies and lovers. 

There hasn't been a better excuse to get a lyft and get your shakin booties to downtown LA, than to go see what Dancing Pineapple and Wicked Paradise have cookin up this Sunday at the legendary Rooftop at the Standard with a fired up lineup of summer-tinged beat wizards. (Buy tickets HERE)

We spoke to Dancing Pineapple founding partner Nik Poto about their rise from Soundcloud curator to the brand ambassador of some of the hottest artists in dance music:

How has Dancing Pineapple evolved over the past couple years?

I started Dancing Pineapple on my own to share the music I love with my close friends. I had no idea it was going to become anywhere near what it is today.

As a fan following materialized, up-and-coming artists started to view the channel as a critical source of exposure. In Dancing Pineapple’s first year, I released over a dozen tracks and hosted mixtapes from the likes of Nora En Pure, Boehm, MOWE and more.

The day I brought on Gary as my co-founder in 2015 was a hallmark moment in Dancing Pineapple’s history. Our decision to focus on curation and evolve beyond tropical house was guided by a mission to do right by the fans and the artists we love.

Today, Dancing Pineapple has established itself as a leading musical tastemaker in the feel good music movement with a ton of upcoming events and an unrivaled Artist Showcase Series.

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What’s in store for the summer and beyond, starting this weekend?

We want to continue to uphold our reputation as a go-to curator for feel good music, both through our online presence and live shows. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming this year, including rooftop pool parties, club nights, and college campus takeovers. Who knows, maybe we will see a stage curated by Dancing Pineapple at a festival someday.

Our first rooftop pool party is this Sunday, June 19th at The Rooftop at The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. We couldn’t be more honored to team up with the legendary pool party gurus, Wicked Paradise for our debut summer event.

Who are some of the hottest artists in the scene?

There are so many hungry, up-and-coming artists that can blow up at any moment. The Artist Showcase Series is a selection of artists we’re most excited about. The artists we’ve worked with, including Young Bombs, Throttle, Sonny Alven, and Win & Woo, are all making big moves.

Some of our other favorites right now are Lost Kings (you can check out our Spring Break mix by them), Hotel Garuda, Oshi, k?d, Wheathin, Brasstracks, Jai Wolf and Jerry Folk.

What is one of the best events you've been to lately?

When it comes to pool parties, Splash House hands down. It’s an amazing time, and we always have a ton of our friends performing so it’s like a big, raging, family reunion.

CRSSD Fest restored our faith in music festivals. The majority of attendees come for the music and experience. Not the drugs or the drinking. The sunny San Diego location creates an incredible vibe and the food at the festival is unmatched.

What's your poolside drink of choice?

Freshly squeezed pina juice and rum with mint leaves. I mean, it’s gotta have pineapple in it somewhere, right?

Get tickets HERE for this Sunday's event!

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