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Throughout their relatively short existence as a trio, the French Drum and Bass group Signs have been steadily slicing a unique path in the industry. Their initial releases on revered labels such as Red Light Records and Bad Taste Recordings brought them into the international spotlight and they haven't looked back.

With each member well recognized in the scene through massive releases of their own, combining forces have skyrocketed their sound to a whole new level, chartering Neuro and Tech roots into original and live sets that will destroy any dance floor. Recently joining the ranks of Noisia's Division Recordings, and now with a brand new release as part of Shogun Audio's 100 series, the future is definitely looking bright for Signs.

"The very first idea behind it was quite simple, it’s a tribute to Noisia's 'Dead Limit' & ‘Regurgitate'," said Sings about the new track. "The main goal was to make a free download, but then everyone came asking about it. It’s a track that everyone seems to like, you never know when you’re writing a tune that this is going to happen. We still wanted to make it a free download as a tribute, but Ed (Friction) suggested to us a release on the SHOGUN 100 project. We've never been on Shogun Audio until now and so being on the 100th release of the label seemed a really good look and we couldn’t turn it down! A great honour, 100 records deep is always going to be special"

Listen to the premiere of 'Unchained', a ticking time bomb of a tune that encapsulates the trio's crowd-moving energy.

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Shogun-100 (Part 4) is due to be released June 24 via Shogun Audio. Pre-order

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