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This past weekend was the first Splash House installment of 2016 and it was bigger and better than ever. The festival returned to everyone's favorite party spot, The Saguaro, and made it's debut at The Riviera. Although we missed the relaxation and chill music provided by the Hacienda in the past, both the Saguaro and Riviera were more than enough for this year's festivities. The Air Museum after parties also stepped up to a whole new level, matching the craziness of the massive crowds. 

Splash House (photo by Quinn Tucker (@quasarmedia))

Splash House (photo by Quinn Tucker)

This year's Splash House experience was different from years' past, for mostly good reasons. The music was awesome and it was exciting to see so many more fans out having fun. The festival felt way more crowded this year, but that's probably because the parties were held at two locations rather than stretched across three. In the aftermath of what happened in Orlando, it was refreshing to see so many music lovers celebrate the good and reflect on this genre that brings different people together. As much as Splash House is a bacchanalia for the party populace, it is also a place for people from all walks of life to dance to the house music we have all grown up with and come to appreciate.

Splash House (photo by Jesse Fulton (@jesse_lee_fulton))

Splash House (photo by Jesse Fulton)

Top 3 sets: Nora En Pure, Big Wild and Justin Martin.

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I'm used to ethereal, relaxing music from Nora En Pure, so it was very cool to see her go crazy dropping heavier beats. I was also excited to see her stateside since I've heard of her amazing shows abroad. 

Big Wild truly lived up to their name - the pool was bananas. The crowd was so excited to be there and it was awesome seeing them take over the Riviera. 

Justin Martin closed out the night at the same pool and he didn't disappoint. He's one of my favorite artists to see because he reads the crowd so well and you can always tell he's having a great time.

Splash Hosue (photo by Galen Oakes (@onenativeyouth))

Splash Hosue (photo by Galen Oakes)

If you haven't made it out to Splash House, there is another installment this August. In it's own way, the festival has become a pilgrimage for Southern Californians to open and close the summer season. But this is so much more than a pool party. Splash House is growing into something larger each year, and we're excited to see where the festival takes us in the future.

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