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You know, it’s really hard to talk about a music festival in just a couple of paragraphs. There are people you meet, music you hear, and things you see that you will never experience in the same way again. Each is amazing and beautiful in it's own way, revealing memories to cherish forever. But when looking back on such an event as Spring Awakening, my heart will feel the warmth of these moments which is well worth everything and more.

It’s been a few days since Spring Awakening ended and my mind is still buzzing with the excitement I felt while on those grounds. There are countless photos and testimonies from people who attended, but not everyone seemed to have the same experience that I had. Some accounts are definitely good, but others are bad. Many people thought that the change of location made it hard to get to the music festival and some thought it wasn't as "cool" as being within Soldier Field. There were tons of complaints that cell-phones and wallets were taken during sets. Also, another popular complaint was the overwhelming amount of mosh-pits, including a surprising one at Kaskade. While it's difficult to understand why anyone would mosh to Kaskade, you are at a music festival with thousands of people with different backgrounds. You will have people that steal, you will have people that mosh, but you will also have many good people surrounding you and it's up to you to find them. 

With it’s change in location, Spring Awakening was able to bring in tons of people from different walks of life for one massive party. There was music; there was great Chicago food, water slides, and Ferris wheels that added to the incredible atmosphere. This festival was well managed and organized by everyone on the React team. It really showed that a React music festival with all of its ups and downs can run smoothly and efficiently. From my experience, I recommend Spring Awakening to anyone! It was simply filled with cool people and great music from artists such as Dada Life, Dillon Francis, Allison Wonderland, Claude VonStroke, Klingande, and much more. 

There are always good things and bad things about a music festival, it all just depends on what you take away from it. I recommend going into a festival like Spring Awakerning with an open mind and find yourself surrounded by something absolutely wonderful. I had no idea what to expect and I'm thankful I didn’t have those expectations because it became something more than I could have ever imagined. I left the festival grounds with a redefined passion and love for this music culture, and having an open mind was the best way I could have prepared. Be sure to remember that next time you embark on a similar journey, you never know what lies beyond the festival gates.

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Get the feeling of what Spring Awakening was like via some snap shots from the festival below.

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