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Now that the summer is clearly in full swing, festival season is fresh on the minds of many music fans looking to experience the unique atmosphere that these events have to offer. Spring Awakening Mysteryland and Splash House just wrapped up last weekend, but have you recovered both mentally and physically? Each festival has multiple stages, each playing various styles of music from the music industry's leading artists. If you're an avid music lover you likely explored the grounds and ventured to each stage, which can be fairly taxing on your body. The entire time you were surrounded by music and interesting fun people, which is exactly how we like it. With all the fist pumping, raving, and twerking you did over the weekend, now you have entered into recovery mode.

With that in mind we decided to put together a quick list of ways to recover following an immersive festival experience. Of course, everyone has their own techniques, but below you will find the tried and true recommendations that are definitely worth looking into.


This may sound absolutely crazy after a festival of relentlessly dancing and moving for days on end, but trust me on this and do some cardio. The movement will not only revitalize your muscles, but will also help your mind as well. A little bit of exercise will sweat out all those toxins you put into your body and get you ready for your next festival.

If you really don't feel like doing cardio or working out in general, we don't blame you, but try yoga. Yoga allows you to stretch your body and take a mental break. This also doesn't mean you have to spend an outrageous amount of money at a studio, YouTube channels like Yoga With Adriene allow anyone to have a free yoga session in the comfort of your their home. 


You have just worked your little butt off twerking and dancing with your festival fam. You probably didn’t eat much all weekend, except for the pizza or protein bar in between sets. You need to replenish with some real food. The best combination is Pedialyte and a hearty meal. I know Pedialyte is the worst tasting recovery drink on the planet, but it's the fastest way for you to get back to %100. Try eating some protein as well. This will provide your body with some much needed substance that's just great after a festival hangover.

Photo taken from Pedialyte

Photo taken from Pedialyte

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Photo Taken From Allure Magazine

Photo Taken From Allure Magazine

If you are like me, you burn like the sun is touching your skin. Hopefully you remembered to put on sunscreen every two hours, but let’s face it, you didn’t. Now you have a really awful burn that hurts every time you move an inch. Luckily, Neutrogena, Aveeno, and others have come out with lotion for “after burns.” These lotions help your skin replenish and hydrate, and consists of aloe to help with the pain. But, for next time, remember the sunscreen.    


This seems self-explanatory, but every year one of my friend’s doesn’t request off from work the day after a festival and has to go in. Every year, this person hates themselves and never recovers properly for the next festival. You need the day after a festival to just sleep, watch Netflix, or do anything to relax. This will help you catch up on all the sleep you lost will raving the night away over the weekend and is sure to get you back to feeling normal.    

Plan Your Next Festival 

The number one best way to recover from a festival is to plan your next one! It can be a depressing time in the recovery phase; coming back to reality is never easy. You miss all the people you met, you're disappointed in yourself for missing a set, and hate that you have to return to the real world. However, it's always nice to have something to look forward to. Think of all the sets you will see and all the people you will meet, and this may just be the perfect way to get by until the next experience. 

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Now that you have your first festival of the summer in the bag and the rest of the festival season on the horizon, look to these quick ways to recover after each event.   

Did we miss something? Leave us a comment and tell us how you recover from the post-festival blues.

[Spring Awakening photo credit Stephen Wimmer]

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