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The Evolution of Terravita: "Blurring Genre Lines" with Forward Thinking Bass Music

"That’s the beauty of music. It’s the great escape through feeling the emotions put forth by the beats!"
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For many veterans in the scene Terravita is a household name. They have been tearing up dancefloors since the early 2000s with a focus on gritty and raw bass music. Many may recognize their sound as Dubstep, but over the years the due have come to defy genre classifications, never being pigeonholed to one style or sound. Now they're set to embark on the next chapter, and the evolution of their sound is proving to be a fresh interpretation that electronic music desperately needs.

We took the time to sit down with Chris, who is one half of Terravita, in order to discuss their new direction and further understand the vision behind their music. Chris assures us they haven't really changed much, they just know what their fans want and are more focused than ever to give it to them. 

I understand you are evolving your sound. What's influencing your evolution and how do you think your sound has changed? 

Our music is still bass music, so it’s not like we did a 180 and started making techno or deep house. Our evolution within the bass music realm is influenced by what we personally like and are inspired to make. Lately we’ve really enjoyed blurring genre lines, and using elements of both dubstep and trap, along with interesting melodic elements. We want to do something forward thinking, original, and different. Our sound is also influenced by our fans. If the people that come to see us play go crazy for a certain style of one of our new tunes, we are more inspired to go down the path of the music that our fans at our shows are reacting to. Our sound now has more melodic elements and more vocals, both from Jon and guest vocalists, and is more of a hybrid of bass genres as opposed to just dubstep. 

What do you hope listeners take away from your music? 

We just hope they are able to either escape from reality when listening to it and have a good time, or identify with an emotion and relate to what the message is in each song. That’s the beauty of music. It’s the great escape through feeling the emotions put forth by the beats! 

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I saw that you were building a new home studio, how's that coming along and how will that affect your production process? 

The building of the studio is done! We are just waiting for the last bit of equipment to show up and it’s good to go. It will affect our production process a few ways. We will be able to record vocals without going to another studio. Plus we will also have a solid mixing and mastering room, so we don’t have to work in headphones and then check the mix in a bunch of other studios. It should make it so we can take songs to completion much faster. 

Trends in dance music seem to come and go, what are your thoughts on the current trends and where do you see the culture progressing? 

That’s a broad question considering the scope of dance music these days, so I will focus on the trends of our bass music corner. There’s definitely a trend of a lot of really interesting hybrid music that is somewhere between trap and dubstep. There is also a trend of really cool forward thinking trap like NGHTMRE. The bassline house trend is also really cool as it allows artists like us to play some 4/4 in our sets and have our fans like it. Where we see it going is sort of an anything goes atmosphere as far as sounds and bpms….and we love that! 

Aside from music, how do you like to spend your free time? Any other interests that help take your mind off the music industry? 

Unfortunately, I (chris) don’t have much time to get away from the music industry. When I do have some time I enjoy relaxing with my wife, going out to eat and trying to take as many vacations as possible. Jon likes to play video games and go backpacking with his girlfriend amongst other nerd activities hahaha. 

What's next for you this year and what should we be looking forward to? 

We have some music coming with Adventure Club. We also have some music coming with Bare and Half Empty. We are working with vocalists Adara and Tima Dee on some music. We also have a bunch of new remixes and solo music coming. Check us out at Paradiso, Global Dance, 515 Alive, Big Dub or Imagine this summer to hear the new music! We also have a few club gigs and the Safe In Sound Festival tour coming up. Lots to look forward to.

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