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Tips: How to Act When Backstage at a Concert or Festival

Got a backstage pass? Cool, now don't act like a fool and follow these helpful tips.
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With EDC coming up this weekend in Las Vegas, there will be plenty of opportunities for people to get backstage, but many might not necessarily know backstage etiquette. So in order to make sure everyone knows the drill, we made a list of helpful tips to follow, that way you don't make a fool of yourself, offend anyone, and just have a great time. Of course some of these tips are fairly obvious, but you would be surprised to know how some people can act when they get behind the scenes.

If you happened to get yourself a backstage pass for the festival, and are going to be there with artists you aren't directly good friends with already, make sure you act accordingly.

  • Be confident. 

    You're backstage, you got there somehow, now it's time to act like you belong there. If you seem overly nervous, then people are going to start wondering what you're doing back there. 
  • Be polite.

    Acting rude or overly entitled is a quick way to get kicked out.
  • Be fun, but not obnoxious. 

    There can sometimes be a fine line being the life of the party and being a loud douche, know where you sit and don't cross it.
  • Network. 

    This should be simple and obvious. Mingle with the other people backstage. In our industry there will inevitably be a lot of people just sitting there on their phones, but that's generally people immediately with the artist, so don't just assume it's o.k. behavior for you to just be back there not talking to anyone. Be social.
  • Don't take the artists alcohol without asking.

    Most of what is backstage at a festival or concert is there because the artists specifically put it on their rider. It's for them and their friends, don't just assume because you're back there that you can just pour yourself a drink.

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  • Don't get too drunk!

    This should be obvious, but... if you are blacked out, acting like an idiot, you are probably not going to get invited back.
  • Don't ask the artists for pictures or an autograph. 

    A lot of times they don't care, especially about the pictures, but asking for an autograph is just uncalled for. Everyone will inevitably be on snapchat, but the artists are there to perform and have fun, not be heckled by fans. This is the safe space for friends, they will go outside of the backstage to mingle with fans if they want to. 
  • Know who is playing, what they look like and their name.

    Nothing more ridiculous than being backstage at someone's show, introducing yourself to them and asking what their name is.
  • Don't talk sh*t, about anyone.

    Hating on anyone is just bad vibes in general, but you also never know who is standing next to you. If you start talking bad about another artist, chances are that you are speaking to someone who is friends with that DJ or producer. 
  • Know when you're overstaying your welcome.

    If so just dip out for a little while. Walk around, mingle, don't try to force it.
  • Be yourself! Have Fun! 

    This is the most important, just do you and enjoy the experience! This is your chance to make lasting friends with some of your favorite artists and more, so take full advantage of it!

Of course this isn't a definitive guide to backstage etiquette, but it's a start. Most of the people that will be back there have been backstage at countless events and know how to act, so if it's your first time, make sure you don't act like an idiot, you might be invited back. 

Now go out there and kill it, good luck! 

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