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Ode to Summer

Hey Summer,
You’re so sunshine

You’re so sunshine,
Let’s drink white wine

Hey Summer,
Clap Clap
Hey Summer

“Grapevine” John Skyfield

Brilliant things await as this strong sunrise of a song erupts onto your ears. What a fantastic rework of the most classic of songs. So well done Mr. Skyfield. Your name lives up to the world you create in your music.

“Feel Good (Cavego Remix)” Satin Jackets feat. Scavenger Hunt, Eskimo Recordings

Heard the OG of this sweet nectar of a track pre-Memorial Day and then the daytime disco drippin remix post and it all just flows right with the changing of the seasons. This jam is a blast and will have you singing along that chorus, it just makes me feel GOOD.

“Comfort You” SetMo feat. Fractures, etcetc

Aussies featuring Aussies in austrucking arrangements is ausome. It’s groovy, enticing, synthy and a sexy kind of sad.

“Parrallel Lines” A-Trak feat. Phantogram, Fool’s Gold

Oh that A-Trak, he lit af fam, whatever dafuq that means. The man has no tribe or allegiance with genre-bending tracks that has every group in the cafeteria digging it. And bringing Phantogram back into the game, just before they drop a new track/album? This is what you call a well oiled and maintained music machine, ladies and gents. Gig away.

“I Love You (Cedric Zeyenne Remix)” Blondie

I had the pleasure of seeing Debbie Harry come out at Coachella a couple years ago and sing “Heart of Glass” with Arcade Fire and it made me realize how much of a legend she truly is. Incredible pipes and such a unique sound. “I Love You” is one of those songs that you can’t reproduce or tweak too much and that’s why Cedric’s delicate piano’s and uptempo simple beat works so well. It gives it those perfect wings to really make this song soar high as you belt it out with all you got.

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“Shadows Of Love (Gianni Costa Remix)” Sam Feldt feat. Heidi Rojas, Spinnin Records

This is going to be getting some major playtime in summer sets all around the world, there is no doubt about that. It’s got the club appeal, scintilating vocals from Ms. Rojas and gives the original track by Sam Feldt a run for it's money (despite the free download). The Paris producer Gianni Costa has been dabbling with major melodic house players' singles for some time now and I look forward to hearing some original tracks in the near future.

“Feels Like The Summer” Sons Of Maria, No Definition

Might as well wear it on our sleeves. It’s freakin summer and here's a freakin song about it. Sons of Maria usually has a little more bang to their buck so this acoustic shade is a nice break from the bumpin beat. Time for a drink while we whistle along.

“Cant Can't Stop The Feeling (SAXITY ft. Angie Keilhauer Remix)”, Justin Timberlake

The song of the summer gets the sax treatment and a cover by the soulful siren Angie Keilhauer. Live sax and guitar players Saxity found her cover on YouTube and gave it a go. She has a Ellie Goulding vibe in a big way and it’s the perfect break from this summer hit that is exploding onto the scene. I really hope I don’t get sick of it. How can you get sick of JT? He’s like pizza. Mmm pizza. 

“Under Pressure (Traveler Remix)” Queen & David Bowie

You did it Traveler. GD you did it. This is a wavey well done groovy remix that brings every ounce of energy out of the song that so many of us know every word to. You gotta have some singalongs at your day party so follow the bouncing beach ball and shout the words loud.  RIP DB

“Redwood” Speaker of the House

I mean, he named the song after his guitar. I already love it for that reason alone. Known for his bangarang style remixes of some of the biggest hits in electronic, Speaker of the House shows his softer side with a chill house track that brings me to some of my favorite places when I close my eyes and listen. I’m a native of the land of redwoods and I approve. 

Throw the whole playlist on and enjoy!

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