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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - June 10, 2016

The best new trap tracks from San Holo, Jayceeoh & B-Sides, lux.impala, CRNKN, Willy Joy and more. Full weekend playlist. Free downloads.


In case you missed it, history was kind-of made this week when Hillary Clinton denoted herself the democratic nominee– the first woman presidential nominee in US history. I won't get into the whole struggles-of-women issue here, but I will say this: The next few months are gonna get ugly. Especially if Trump can't resist running his mouth. We're gonna need some pretty outstanding music to get us through this muck. 

Luckily, there are plenty of great tunes to take your mind of the political madness this week. From 80s new wave to Stephen King to San Holo, here are the best new trap tracks for your weekend:

Revazz - 'Wasabi'

There may not be a more catchy song right now. And it's one that you can't repeat. You want to rap along to the loop– you really do– but you really can't. Right in line with other Revazz tracks, but probably his best yet. 

lux.impala & infuze - 'Collapsed'

Gotta love that impending doom that whines over that fresh new wave around the 0:40 mark. Kind of like an cheesy 80's coming-of-age movie on VHS that seems like it's just warped until you realize someone taped over it with Stephan King's "It." Serenity indeed.

Airynore - 'CL (Fluke Nukes Remix)'

Another 80s throwback with heavy synths. This one doesn't slip into a twisted darkness like the other, but it does transport me back to the early 90s when I had a keyboard that had that cheesy "funk" setting which is plenty twisted for me. One of the more original trap tracks out there right now. +1

San Holo - 'Still Looking' 

Trap Track of the Week For a track released on a label that has been called a place for "beautiful art," it hits pretty hard. That said, this masterpiece would be right at home in an exhibit. "I really believe we can bring something new to the game. We’re excited to break some boundaries," Holo's said. He's done just that with this one.

Bang La Decks - 'Utopia (CRNKN Remix)'

This is a perfect tune to drift through the open air at a camping festival. You need to have this ready for that. Especially since CRNKN has gone dairy-free on the remix.

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Jayceeoh & B-Sides - 'Break Beast'

There's nothing I can say about this track that the title can't say for itself. 

Channels - 'Thinking About The End'

A newcomer to use the #HeavenTrap tag. Another artist to use describe some of his first tracks that way? Party Thieves. Not sure how similar Channels will be to the Thief, but this is definitely a step in the right direction. And it makes the title pretty ironic. 

Graves & Coolights - 'Say Things ( Crankdat Re-Crank)'

The original is absolutely brilliant, and Crankdat noted that this remix is "easily the best track I've made all spring" which has included several major remixes, so my expectation was to be severely disappointed. Well, I'm not disappointed at all (though it IS tough to top the original). 

Willy Joy feat. Amy Douglas - 'Take Me Over'

At first it sounds more fitting for Carly's chart, but then the trap hits. Think Fatboy Slim v. Snails. 

FRSH KEPT - 'Anyone But You'

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's impossible not to get caught up in nostalgia on this. Be ready for all your best memories to resurface. FRSH KEPT really reminds me a little of Pictureplane, a personal favorite who you've probably never heard of, only far brighter and less experimental. If you like this, check out this.

Full Playlist:

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