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Unicorns, Fear And Loathing and Pikachu on Acid - 10 Things To Rock At EDC

It's time to get your freak on and go big at EDC, here are some style picks from iEDM

It's that time of year again, the annual pilgramage to one of the greatest spectacles in electronic dance culture, the Electric Daisy Carnival is upon us. We teamed up with the guys from to give you their top ten picks from the catalog to rock at EDC and beyond. So dig in, we hope you like the selects!

This is the Unicorn Spew Tank, you can have many many many conversations with strangers about this tank. If you can't break the ice with this shirt then you don't deserve this Unicorn (Yeah, that's right we capitalized Unicorn.

The irony is really really thick here, so we will just let you figure it out. Fear and Loathing shorts at EDC, yeah these are dope and the right people will "get" you.

People will have to look you in the eye when you are wearing these bad boys, if their gaze just even happens to go south they might get dizzy and pass out with all this action. That's why you rock the Gnostic Dreamstate shorts

Live out your fantasy as an alien princess or Cirque De Soleil dropout with this sexy Spaced Out Galaxy Romper. Remember this is EDC and anything goes... just about anything anyways. 

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This might attract Trump supporters but thankfully EDC probably does not, so you are good. Carry your stuff, be patriotic and hook up your iPhone to that fanny Freedomringer Pack, because you can crank some tunes while you take a time out. 

Yes, this is an Acid Pikachu tee, just roll with it. Your childhood friend, 'cept different.

The Black Bolt Kaleidoscope Goggles... wow. Strap them on and then strap in because you are going for a trip my friend. Roads... where your going you don't need roads. 

NO. This does not mean you should howl at females or howl at all really, but if you do just blame the shirt. It was the Howl Tee that made me do it! 

The Infinite Bass shirt might cause the occasional stop and stare at you moment. This thing is intense, really intense... Head to the Bass stage and just get ready for the compliments. 

Steam punk meets rave punk, these will get you noticed but you probably won't care because you will be tripping the light fantastic with these on. These Customizable Luminescence Kaleidoscope Goggles will take your goggle game to the next level. 

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