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[Watch] Porter Robinson Teases New Music At Electric Forest

Finally the maestro is back with new music!

In the two years since Porter Robinson released his masterpiece album Worlds we have seen a drought of original content from the producer. It was over a year ago, that he put out his last official release on Soundcloud; his remix of Nero's song "The Thrill". Since then it has been essentially radio silence from his camp, outside of a slew of remixes for the Worlds album. 

Porter has finally announced publicly that he has been working on new music and is excited for what he comes up with next. He is known to be one of those artists that focuses his attention on social media on the music itself, as you can see below with his tweets. 

After releasing Worlds, Porter became known for his intricate and ever changing live performances. Each of the songs on the album has its own unique live version that can vary drastically from the original content, but remains just as beautiful. It comes as no surprise that his unreleased track "Shepherdness," which is an exclusive track on his vinyl edition of Worlds, has a different live version as well. This past weekend at Electric Forest, Porter Robinson unveiled the new live edit. Luckily, some fans caught the moment and posted it online. 

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 You can listen to the original from his vinyl, until it gets taken down, below:

Along with the new edit, Porter also played what appears to be a new ID, which has fans extremely excited. Listen below:

With Porter back in the studio, we can't wait to see what he comes up with next! 

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