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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 6.27.16

The top 10 drum and bass songs in the middle of the summer 2016 heat


All has been quiet on my western front since attending Parklife Festival a couple of weekends back - I'd like to confirm that this definitely isn't because I am getting old and it is becoming harder to snap back after a bender. It definitely was not that. Cheeky bastards. Takes more than a glorious weekend romping in the mud to all the drum and bass my greedy little ears can handle to slay me! True to form, Manchester was a swamp but the music rolled on and the MTA tent provided sweet relief from the conditions. 

Aside from a brief and accidental foray into the hell that was Craig David's fan nest, I can very happily say I didn't actually see anyone else at all! Traded 5 hours of my life to the craft. Front row and off-centre for legends like S.P.Y, Friction, Sub Focus, and Chase and Status. Killer lineup. I would heartily recommend you pump yourself full of Parklife 2017.. it has great vibes, every time.

This post not sponsored by Parklife.

Last's been awhile!

'Together We're Lost' - Fred V & Grafix ft. Franko Fraize & Tone [Hospital Records]

Oh my days - this new album of theirs 'Oxygen' actually hums. I cannot wait until you hear it on the 24th of June. I do not use the term exquisite lightly. Exquisite.

"Automatik" - Dimension [MTA Records]

Dimension is undoubtedly one of the faves. An opinion cemented after seeing him kill it at Parklife. I am not at all surprised this track has hit #1 in the Radio 1 Dance chart...boy is going stratospherical.

"Have You"- TC [3 Beat Productions]

Give me a T! Give me a C! What does that spell? Tunnnnnemaker General. That's what. He's got a new album out and he's not playing around. Angst and vague 80's feels balancing the tune out nicely.

"Room 667" - Alix Perez & Skeptikal

Christ alive, turn on the light - she's dark as a dungeon this one!

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"Until The World Ends (Mind Vortex Remix) - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind [Blackout]

The prospect of facing the end of the world don't seem so grim now that Mind Vortex has chopped this tune - we can just listen to it until our brain melts!! Armageddon...pah!

 "Parallel" - Technimatic ft. Zara Kershaw [Shogun Audio]

Second album in the works! 'Better Perspective' is releasing mid-July and promises chilled but energy laden vibes. Zara's vocals in this one are the cherry on the top of a sublime little number.

"Submerged" - Machine Code & Coppa

Coppa is one of my big two MC's and his gravelled (yet dulcet) tones scuff up Machine Code's sci-fi veneer very nicely here. Sinister.

"Give Me Your Love (Andy C Remix)" - Sigala ft. John Newman & Nile Rodgers [Ministry of Sound]

It ain't a drum and bass chart without a nod to the Gfather of the genre - John Newman! Bad joke - fire me. Andy! Andy! Andy!

"So Excited" - Phace [Neosignal]

He's not the only one excited - this tune be molten!

"Red Rock" - Loadstar [RAM Records]

Constantly amazed and impressed by what is coming out of the scene recently. Whoever says all dnb sounds the same can suck a fat one whilst listening to this on loud. This oozes unique style - swallow those words haters!

Boom chaka-laka....

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