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Weekly Top 10 Drum and Bass Chart - 6.3.16

New music from Noisia, S.P.Y, Mob Tactics, a surprise appearance by Bro Safari and much more

Not many situations can't not be improved by drum and bass. This thought has flittered through my consciousness during both a more-naked-than-I-thought massage situation and a funeral in the past week and with the former in mind, I feel like my argument has legs. Music relaxes and comforts us, and while my first pick this week may not necessarily be a great example, there is something to be said for the powerful influence it has over our emotions and ability to cope. I don't know where I'm going with this, I rarely do. Just feeling grateful for the tunes. I'm aware I sound high.

Last week's riddim's...

'Anomaly' - Noisia [Vision Recordings]

Just dropped in the last 14 I have 11 in my top 10. Brilliant.

'Fallen' - The Prototypes ft. Donae'o (Prototypes and Teddy Killerz remix) 

The Prototypes and the Teddy Killerz...pop some Rescue Remedy and dive on in!

'Touch' - Hybrid Minds ft. Tiffani Juno

Breaking the seal on Hybrid Mind's new label, Hybrid Music! This scheme has been in the works for a few years now and they are kicking it off with a bang.

'Feeling (Piece Of You)' - Cartoon

This is the epitome of drum and bass after a massage and a steam. Cartoon establishing themselves slowly but surely... 

'Widowmaker' - Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

Straight off the 'Viper goes to Let It Roll' compilation - yeah, rub it in Viper! They are on the Factory Stage and lineup be as follows: Matrix & Futurebound / The Prototypes / InsideInfo / Smooth / Mob Tactics and Trei. 

'Club Shake' - Agressor Bunx [Ignescent]

Is Agressor Bunx not exclusively signed yet?? What is this madness. In my mind's eye AB is a gas mask wearing extra terrestrial type...upon further investigation, just two dudes. I like mine better.

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'Guardians' - Whiney [Hospital Records]

Nothing to whine about here!

'Follow' - Bro Safari [BroSafari]

Nice little melding of dubstep and drum and bass here - really heats up in the second half!

'Shangri-La' - Trei ft. The Upbeats [Viper Recordings]

A tune named after the infamous Glastonbury epicentre can't be bad and neither can an offering from a kiwi combo. Tasty!

'Rep (S.P.Y Remix)' - TC & Jakes [Hospital Records] 

This whole album is gold. 15 previously unreleased and 4 exclusive remixes - this being one of them. No messin'!


"Caution" - Joe Ford ft. Linguistics

Oh my days. Best for last!

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