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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - June 2, 2016

Flume and Flinch compete for best album while Rex Riot, Luca Lush, KRNE, Slushii and more throw in major tunes.

Don't overlook Flinch's new EP, and new sound, this week. (photo: Olivia Van Rye)

So much music news this week. From the reopening of not-so-old wounds (Prince's cause of death - fentanyl) to the who cares (Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift breakup) to the seriously wtf (Pusha T invented the McDonald's jingle). Then there's the new Avicii track, Mylo's re-emergence and this insane Skrillex-Fetty-Wop-DJ-Sliink track.

Most notably this week though was Flume's new album release, Skin. The artist said he was going cosmic, and I don't think he fell short of that vast expanse. I haven't given Skin a proper full listen, and have probably ruined it for myself by skimming it, but then again, you can't really ruin something this powerful. Tracks like 'Wall Fuck' and 'Helix' sound like space-aged classics and 'Tiny Cities' with Beck is a must-listen.

But all this news shouldn't overlook the fact that Flinch also dropped a new EP. Why am I mentioning this? Because it's some of the best Trapish I've heard in a longish. So nice I dropped it twice in this week's chart. 

Sorry for the exhausting read. I'll try and keep the rest short. 

Flinch feat. Kat Nestel - 'Down'

Trap Track of the Week Trippy tune from from Flinch's Restless EP. Buygore calls the EP a departure, which is right on. It's not like Flinch hasn't created similar tracks, like his take on Ellie Goulding's 'Anything Could Happen', but even that sounds harsh in comparison. Flinch is floating in an alien sea on this one and I'm all about jumping in.  

Tate Kobang - 'Oh My (Rex Riot Remix)'

Is this trap? Couldn't resist putting it in this chart no matter what you think. If you see this pop up in the hip-hop chart, consider yourself lucky. Can't remember the last time I heard a track this infectious. 

Luca Lush & Myrne - 'Low'

Another of the hybrid variety. Hip hop, trap, future. Words, bass, flutes. Should be a crowd pleaser just about anywhere. 

Adrian Lux - 'Teenage Crime (Jinco Remix)'

Jinco explores quite a bit here, wandering from sample to breaks to bass. It's definitely an interesting listen and freshens up a classic. 

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KRNE & Havok Roth - 'Bonezzz'

One of several tracks KRNE released over the past few days as part of his "SESSIONS" collaboration project. Other tracks with Locant, Ghasper and Lotus are equally as good, but this happens to trap the most. "SESSIONS will serve as an open format label of sorts - a home where I can host these collabs and help promote your work across my community of friends and fans online. Learn more about how it works." -KRNE

Ookay - 'Thief (Slushii Remix)'

I thought Slushii would have thrown a dub vibe on this, but instead it's rocking-chair-trap time. 

Flume feat. Vic Mensa - 'Lose It'

Had to put at least one Flume track on here. One of many great tracks on the album, it really hits its stride on the drop which uses the vocalist to great effect. And Vic successfully upstages Flume later with the well-timed "I feel like Nagasaki, dog I'm 'bout drop the bomb." 

Hucci & The Ninetys - 'OC'

You don't create a trap chart and then leave Hucci off of it. This one dwells in deep, dark muck with sinking bass and fading vocals. Must listen.

Rihanna - 'Needed Me (Borgore Remix)'

Borgore. A man of subtleties. Who knew?

Flinch & Infuze - 'Black Hole'

It's not that I don't trust you'll listen to the whole Flinch EP... it's just that this track also deserves to be here. Funny that Flinch released this during the same time Flume released his new album. While quite different, there's atmospheric similarities that you wouldn't expect. 

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