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5 Ways To Up Your Procrastination Game

Random Wikipedia clicking, Stranger Things Binge, Online Gambling and more
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Binge watch Stranger Things. YES!

Binge watch Stranger Things. YES!

We’ve all been there: despite the fact that we probably have much more important things to be doing (assignments, work, cleaning the house, finishing that track), we’re somehow much happier finding something less taxing to fill the time. 

Of course, when you’ve been a professional procrastinator for such a long time, it can be hard to find things to do to simply kill the hours that could be spent doing something meaningful – but forget about that, we’re on hand to show five ways you can procrastinate in style!

1) Click 'random article,’ on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a fountain of knowledge. It can tell you everything from who the first man on the moon was to why Nasty Nick was evicted on the first series of Big Brother. The random article feature does exactly what it says on the tin – it takes you to a random piece of information. If you’re feeling guilty about procrastinating, just convince yourself the information you take in might come in handy one day – like during a pub quiz.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

2) Search for conspiracy theories on YouTube

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Think Ruby Rose fakes her DJ sets? Don’t believe in aliens? You will by the time you’ve watched one of literally thousands of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. Allow yourself to go deep down the rabbit hole and investigate everything from the JFK assassination to how an elite cabal are secretly spraying us with ‘chemtrails.' Be warned, some of this information might fry your brain, man... Or it might just be an easy way to kill some time – whatever. 

3) Gamble online, it's not Vegas, but it's close

There’s simply no finer way to kill some time than to get involved with some serious slots action – and it doesn’t get any better than the Magical Vegas slots online. You can play from the comfort of your own home with the potential to win big – who knows; it might not be procrastination after all if you hit the jackpot!

reddit logo

4) Browse Reddit, seriously... 

It's a weird and wonderful world, and Reddit is essentially a forum to keep up on all the important goings-on – especially the latest cat GIFs and memes. We love their AMA's too. Just be prepared to lose track of time as you make your way through weird subreddit after weird subreddit. It gets nerdy in there, but in a good way. 

5) Binge-watch "Stranger Things" STAT

This show is the hottest thing on TV since Walking Dead. A playful mixture of 80s kitsch and sci-fi that just hits you in all the right nostalgic places. Just remember to get some provisions sorted out, because once you get sucked in, you definitely won't be leaving that sofa!

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