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6 Youtube Channels That Will Destroy Your Day

Looking for a time suck, here are 6 channels that will wash away the hours with eaze

It’s strange to think that there was a time before YouTube. Imagine just relying on TV to bring you entertainment, or only hearing about a hilarious prank and not actually seeing it… we shudder to think.

With YouTube, it’s more or less impossible to be bored and complain that there is nothing to watch; there is so much to see in fact, that we thought we’d better list some of the best channels to subscribe to, for fear that you’re going to watch Greatest Cat Fails Vol. 7 for the 20th time. If you’ve already found some great musicians on YouTube and it’s entertainment, laughs, or useful (kind of) tips that you’re after, then drop everything else and keep reading.


Often great at holding up a mirror to the world, CollegeHumor were making internet sketch videos before it was cool. Beginning around 1999, it was their Hardly Working and Jake and Amir series which earned them regular viewers each week. Often wacky and hilarious in equal measure, CollegeHumor are amazingly still producing quality sketches even now. Sure, essentially all of the original cast have moved on to different things, but the new crop know how to put together a funny and shareable sketch. Recent hits like If Google Was a Guy and The Other Side of Adele’s “Hello” are viewed into the millions, but we love The Person At Your Party Who Never Leaves because well, we’ve probably all experienced this at some point.


Watching someone play video games whilst providing commentary doesn’t exactly sound like a winning combination at first, but if over 46 million people subscribe to the channel… then something must be working out alright. PewDiePie is the most successful YouTube vlogger of all time, with his quirky and amusing game observation proving to be a massive hit with the online community; so massive in fact, that PewDiePie not only has the highest amount of subscribers in the world, but also earns the most from his videos. Advertising on YouTube videos results in big bucks for those who own the channel, with PewDiePie reportedly pulling in between $67,000 to $1.15 million every month.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should quit your job, film yourself playing GTA V and then expect the dollars to immediately start rolling in. PewDiePie is good at what he does, so it’s going to take a special someone to get anywhere close to his level; however, you can read more about how the system works with regards to making money on YouTube and find out who the top earners are.

Will it Blend?

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Though it does seem a shame to see such nice things simply being thrown into a blender, technology’s loss is our gain! Blendtec’s channel has a regular series of Will it Blend? videos, whereby everything from iPhones to marbles to selfie sticks are chucked into a blender to see what will happen (spoiler alert: they usually blend).


Love watching food, drink, and cleaning hacks that you’ll probably never do but are fun to know anyway? Be sure to give HouseholdHacker a look, and you can impress/annoy your friends by telling them how they’ve been peeling garlic the wrong way all this time.


JennaMarbles’ energy is infectious. Active on YouTube since 2009, her uploads mostly consist of hilarious comedy fashion or beauty hacks, as well as ‘How to’ videos. Her funniest (and most popular) video, with more than 64 million views, is How to trick people into thinking you're good looking.

Funny Or Die

Sure, not every sketch is a home run, but Funny Or Die still produce a large amount of quality comedy videos. <em>Between Two Ferns</em> with Zach Galifianakis is one of the better series’ on the channel, as big names like Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman and many more take part in the mock interviews, but still get made fun of nonetheless. With over 14 million views, President Barack Obama’s interview is a real treat to see.

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