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Check Out This ‘80s Video Game Synth for iPhone from Korg

Featuring a "reconstructed 'Waveform Memory Sound Generator', the sound engine that produced so many legendary game sounds in the eighties"
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Some fans of electronic music can say their first exposure to the genre was when they were growing up playing video games. The retro sound even inspires music that we hear today and some of our favorite producers, like the legendary Derrick May, have had their music featured video games. 

Now, the well-respected music production company Korg has teamed up with video game company Bandai Namco to deliver a new synth upgrade for it's Gadget app, featuring all your favorite retro video game sounds and more.

The original app is a couple years old, but Korg continues to deliver quality upgrades, making it one of the most dynamic music production apps on the market. 

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The most recent upgrade for the app allows users to purchase an added synth engine called Kamata, which focuses on synth textures inspired by sounds of 80s video games.

Most will recognize Namco as the company behind some of the most iconic video games of all time, including Pac-Man, Galaxian/Galaga, Ridge Racer, and much more. Now Korg users can tap into those sounds for their own productions. Check out the trailer below, as the app upgrade comes with much more.

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[via: Synthtopia]

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