Aphex Twin and µ-ziq’s Innovative Mike & Rich Project Gets Expanded Reissue

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Aphex Twin and Mike Paradinas, leader of the Planet Mu label who is better known as µ-ziq, joined forces in 1996 to form a project called Mike & Rich. The duo released a single album titled Expert Knob Twiddlers that will once again reach the shelves of record shops around the world thanks to a reissue that has created a stirring among long-time fans of unique and bizarre electronic music.

When the album was originally released it was largely overlooked by the mainstream community, which is just the way we like it, but those who had a strong passion for the expanding IDM genre knew how progressive and original the material was, and still is to this day. The combined efforts of two of the most talented producers in the industry truly yielded some amazing tunes. Looking back on the material, it's easy to see why the industry is buzzing today with news of the album's reissue, as the music is truly groundbreaking. 

Planet Mu has confirmed the reissue will include all 10 original tracks, but as an added bonus they have included 7 unreleased gems straight 'from the vaults'.

No official release date has been given just yet, but it looks like you can expect it the album to drop in the coming months as adverts have started to appear on store windows. Look out for more information coming soon.

Listen to the funky jam 'Mr. Frosty' below.

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