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Authorities Clash with Ravers, Police Injured While Shutting Down Illegal Party

Police had a difficult time trying to disperse a crowd that formed due to an illegal rave
(photo by Kamel Labiad)

(photo by Kamel Labiad)

Ravers in Walthamstown, North East London, clashed with authorities over the weekend, leaving three officers injured after police showed up to shut down an illegal party.

At a venue known as the Hurricane Room, which is a billiards/snooker hall, some 500 people gathered for an unlicensed event. The large crowd proved difficult for the police to disperse as authorities were called to the site at around 9:45 pm, but could not enter the building until 5:00 AM the following morning.

According to This Is Local London, many patrons decided to barricade themselves inside the venue, which resulted in an intensified situation as “missiles, including snooker balls, were thrown at officers.” 

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As a result of the standoff and ensuing violence, three police officers sustained injuries, although none required hospitalization. 

Arrests were made on site, including one man for criminal damage, another for a public order offense, and two men for supplying a dangerous substance.

[via: This is Local London]

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