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Authorities Raid Ibiza Clubs Space and Privilege as part of Nightclub Investigation

A nationwide investigation is currently underway in Spain
(photo via Diario de Ibiza)

(photo via Diario de Ibiza)

Just days after Amnesia was raided, two more clubs in Ibiza, Space and Privilege, have been searched as part of an investigation into Spanish nightlife venues.

Led by the Tax Agency (AEAT) of Spain, the most recent searches are part of what has been labeled as Operation Chopin, an investigation into the finances of various clubs and venues throughout Spain with suspicion of fraud. 

According to Diario de Ibiza, the scope of the nationwide probe consists of 87 clubs, including four on the Balearic Islands. 14 individuals related to these companies have been targeted as part of the investigation. This is, to date, the largest coordinated operation by the Tax Agency of Spain against tax evasion and the underground economy.

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No arrests have been made at this time, but sources say that authorities have already discovered several companies hiding large sums of cash.

Days earlier, Amnesia was raided by authorities who were armed with pick axes in order to locate secret compartments hidden inside the venue. After two days of searching, police found €2 million in cash stashed away. Although Amnesia's finances are also the focus of the investigation, it is being reported that those raids are separate from Operation Chopin.


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