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Ben Pearce Opens Up About Struggling With Mental Illness, Cancels All Remaining Gigs

"It can be easy to hide behind your social media or intoxicants and pretend it isn't happening but that doesn't help in the long run."
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Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce has announced he is canceling all remaining gigs in 2016 due to his current struggles with mental illness.

The artist who came to fame after his break out hit 'What I Might Do', took to Facebook to post a message detailing his situation. In the post he says his battle with anxiety and depression almost made him want to say goodbye to the music industry altogether. Now he's "taking the steps necessary to make an attempt at recovery."

Our thoughts are with Ben Pearce has he does what he needs to do in order to battle his anxiety and deprssion. He is one of the industry's brightest producers and we hope he can make a swift recovery.

You can read his message in full below:

I have an important message for all my fans, especially anybody who is planning on seeing me DJ this year.

It is with a deep regret I am cancelling all my upcoming shows for 2016. I’ve battled with depression for the past few years and despite professional help I have reached a place where I know this is sadly the only choice I’m left with. It has nearly pushed me to saying goodbye altogether a few times and now more than ever I feel that is a huge risk. It’s affected every part of my life, I never used to have social or performance anxiety and now I suffer with it terribly. It is real, it isn’t talked about enough in society or the music industry and I hope my fans and fellow industry members can understand my decision. It can be easy to hide behind your social media or intoxicants and pretend it isn’t happening but that doesn’t help in the long run.

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This isn’t a goodbye forever at this stage; this is taking the time and the steps necessary to make an attempt at recovery towards leading a healthy mental state of mind. I may still be making music, I’m not sure yet what will happen. I hope I can come back from this, I know deep down I am truly grateful and lucky to be able to do this for a living.

Lastly I would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported me, you’re the only reason I’m not still working in a call centre and do not for one second think I am not extremely grateful for that.

Ben x

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