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Bensley's Bangers on the Weekly Drum and Bass Chart

We link up with Bensley to get his top tracks that are currently on rotation

Spoilt you lot are! Ram Record's favourite Canadian, 21 year old Bensley, has done the charting honours for us this week. All picks are his and all stupid comments are mine so don't hold them against the kid!

New things Bensley has been up to include coming out with his new one, 'Outsider', which we nattered about last things I have been up to include figuring out exactly how many skittles I can jam down my gob before becoming nauseous. Success on all fronts I'd say - high five for us Bens!

Without further ado:

Nu:Tone's two cents last week

"Bird Of Paradise"  - Netsky [Sony Music UK]

 Easing you in all pretty like... Bensley you charmer you...

"Nine Clouds" - 1991

Some serious liquid chops on this one! Stirs the emotions like a Magimix. On a side note, there's was interesting interview published on who ‘1991’ is this week…

"Takes One To Know One" - Calyx & TeeBee [RAM Records]

Why don’t I listen to Calyx & TeeBee more often? Time and time again I am reminded how truly exemplary they are.

 "Think About You" - Tantrum Desire [Technique Recordings]

I’ll take your pick Bensley and raise you a “Tesoro”... both are heartier than a can of Campbell's Finest!

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"Stay Here" - Fred V & Grafix [Hospital Records]

These two have produced a fistful of lovely little numbers for the new album. I found my hand forced in favour of ‘Altitude’ but ‘Ignite’ is also good…and ‘Electrify’...and indeed, ‘Stay Here’...stopping before I just have done with it and post a track list.

"Figaro" - Spor [Sotto Voce]

Feed Me, Jon Gooch, Spor, the Goochmeister massive...whatever you call him - you can’t fault his tekkers.

 "Time Is Limited" - Joe Ford [Shogun Audio]

Made for the movies this tune! I believe it’s enjoying it’s second outing on the chart but not without due cause.

"Komodo" - Whiney [Med School]

Been all quiet from this lad for a bit so let’s hope that means he’s busy plotting away on some more class dnb for the masses...

"Run The Block" - Document One [Technique Recordings]

Big fan of Document One and if you're gagging for more, they have a recent number, 'Say What', out now as well.

"Futurism" -Keeno [Med School]

No one works them keys like Keeno! Love the dreamy tag team of piano and bass on this.

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