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Boris Brejcha Talks About His New Label and Showcasing His Sound in the US for the First Time

"I aim to show people that there are different ways to represent underground music"
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If you want dark or eerie textures, Boris Brejcha has a tendency to bring out some seriously ill vibes on the dancefloor. With his chilling techno style, he has the ability to captivate our minds, exploring driving and relentless dance music, which always yields a memorable experience. 

This Friday, Output in Brooklyn is hosting Boris Brejcha with support from Ann Clue, Benny Soto B2B Mike Nervous and Carmine Tony. This lineup will prove to be an intense encounter with variant techno styles, all leading to an incredible night of exuberance. Beginning his first ever tour of the US in NYC, there is no doubt that this will be a unique occurrence for those familiar, or unfamiliar with Brejcha's style. 

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Prior to the show, we took a moment to catch up with the artist in order to learn more about his new label and the future he has planned.

It has been almost two years since you left Harthouse, how has it been running your own label?

The label is running great, I'm so happy that we had such a good start with the first release. Also, we started parallel to the Label Nights with our first showcase in Sao Paulo followed by many other big cities around the globe including Paris, Delhi and Buenos Aires. A good thing is that people remember our name from the first time, which was the main reason why we chose the name "FCKNG SERIOUS“ and that helps a lot when building the brand.

What does,"Fckng Serious" represent as a label?

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I wanted to represent my special taste in music as well as my ideal way of life. I do have a unique style, I have never taken drugs and love to work hard, however, I do love to party. I think this is a rare combination and it is my way of living. I aim to show people that there are different ways to represent underground music and to celebrate that like there is no tomorrow.

With tracks such as, 'You Will Rise' (dark, gritty) and 'Angel In the Sky' (light, melodic), how do you maintain your high-tech minimal sound profile while giving each track their own persona?

Well, to be honest, I don't really think about "maintaining“ my sound. This is such a subconscious process - doing music in general. That means it's always a work in progress and changes a lot with my mood, along with the time and travel I have set behind or ahead me. It's always evolving and I don't have a certain influence on that, it is a natural process.

Have you toured in the US before? What experience are you hoping to give your fans next week at Output?

The event at Output is my first event in the US and I'm super excited to play there. We've worked hard to make this work and it's the right time to show the people that there is so much more in the electronic dance music scene than Techno, EDM and House. I know that they are ready to hear it, that there can be so much more variety. We have a very special sound to deliver and we made sure that this will be an amazing party! So hopefully this will be my memorable moment!

Do you have anything big planned for the coming year with Fckng Serious?

We have huge plans for FCKNG SERIOUS. Our main focus is for people to never forget one of our parties and to release music that is different. We have special shows during the whole year all around the globe to show people what makes us stand out. Right now we have shows in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Europe, India, Caribbean Islands, so there is a lot in the pipeline. We try to reach as many people as possible and want to give them an unforgettable experience. We will also have secret location events & guest list only events for those who follow us around for a long time - so the closest fans around the world. We'll have a special concept for that, but I don't want to say too much as it's still kind of a secret... Also we have many upcoming releases and we'll also showcase some new and unknown artists as well. So its going to go fast forward for the next 15 months. I'm really excited about all of it.

Check out Boris Brejcha tomorrow @ Output (Tickets) and follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud to see what he's up to. 


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