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Catching Up With Govinda Ahead of Northern Nights, Exclusive Mix + Interview

"I like to keep exploring new festivals because it opens the project up to new people."

With Northern Nights fast approaching we decided to take the time to highlight one of our favorite artists set to perform this year. Among the artists on the other-worldly lineup is a humble musician known as Govinda, who blessed us with an exclusive mix featuring tracks new, old and some unreleased material as well.

The much acclaimed Northern Nights Music Festival is nestled near a river, mountains and an abundance of trees in Northern California. With such a surplus of talent on the lineup, it won't really matter where you end up, just as long as you get there and immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Govinda is one such artist that is not to be missed and will likely be one of the most unique sets of the weekend. Find out more about what he has planned below.

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How are you approaching Northern Nights differently from other festivals you have lined up this year?

"I am not only coming out with a bunch of new music but I am also incorporating a dance troupe that has been working hard on choreography for some of the songs. It's possible I will be playing a secret set as well." 

What about Northern Nights specifically made you more drawn to it than other festivals or opportunities available that weekend?

"I like to keep exploring new festivals because it opens the project up to new people. It's also fun to see different lands and beautiful spaces." 

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How do you see festival culture shaping the industry?

"As more festivals pop up, the music I, and others like me make become more accessible and popular. When my music first came out it was different and weird to people. I think festivals are helping to open people's ears to new sounds."

Any fellow artists you are excited to catch while at Northern Nights?

"Machine Drum and Griz, but there are so many I have not seen or heard yet."

What were the influences while creating this mini-mix?

"These are all original Govinda tracks. There are older songs that never got released as well as new songs. I threw in a little from my last record Decadence too."

Get to Me feat. Bee Born
Without Eyes feat. Lisa Donnelly
House Inside the Mountain feat. Bee Born
Rumi Love Poem feat. Mohammed Firoozi
Crossing Beyond -Desert Dwellers (Govinda remix)

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