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Daft Punk Action Figures with Light Up Helmets Available for the First Time Ever

These are definitely the coolest Daft Punk action figures...
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The Daft Punk Move Is Finally Hitting US Theatres

Although no new music has reached the airwaves in the past few years, Daft Punk merchandise is seeing a resurgence and their popularity is still as strong as ever. The dance music robots recently updated their webstore with new gear paired with retro advertisements, and have released vintage, never before sold merch as well, including their 2006 Alive T-shirts. Now new action figures have surfaced that might just be the best we've seen yet.

Of course, we have seen Daft Punk action figures reach the market in the past, but never before like this. The new set from Medicom feature Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo decked out in their ‘Discovery’ ensemble, complete with the best part, light-up helmets.

The new Medicom Daft Punk action figures won't come cheap as they are currently priced at around $250 and are expected to be made available in May 2017. Check out the photos below, and grab the pre-order here.

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