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Dangerous Pokémon-Themed Ecstasy Pills Look to Cash in on Pop-Culture Craze

"There’s massive demand. Pills are back in a big way.”

As the Pokemon Go craze continues to gain momentum around the world, ecstasy pill manufactures are cashing in as reports state that there is an influx in super-strength­ pills in the shape of Pokemon characters currently reaching the drug market. 

According to Mirrors, dealers are targeting youngsters and are even selling the pills, which are shaped like the popular character Pikachu, at a lower cost. Apparently a dealer can buy 50 high-dose tablets, which are laced with MDMA and 2-CB, a synthetic psychedelic that pairs euphoric effects of MDMA with mild visual hallucinations of LSD, for £49.71.

Even the dealers are warning of the high potency of the Pikachu pills: “They are really high dosed 2CB pills – so be careful.”

One gang source in Manchester ­told Mirrors: “There are hundreds of thousands of these pills being pressed in Holland and Germany and shipped here.

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“Chances of them being intercepted­ are pretty slim. Sell them for a fiver a go and you make a wedge. There’s massive demand. Pills are back in a big way.”

The dangers of pills being pressed into "friendly" shapes like a Pikachu are obvious, they appeal to a younger demographic of curious individuals. Mirrors also reports that two teenage girls have died from taking ecstasy this year and a 13-year-old boy and three 12-year-old girls have become seriously ill in the past month alone from taking ecstasy.

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