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David Morales Rips Aspiring DJ Before Giving Advice: "Find Your Own Style"

"Be different"

There is no doubt that David Morales is a legendary figure in dance music. He worked closely with Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, among others, during the early stages of pioneering House music and was a regular DJ at iconic clubs like the Loft and Paradise Garage. Today, however, you will find him as a judge on Top DJ Italia, a DJ competition talent show looking to find the next superstar DJ.

The show he's on might be a bit of a joke to many, but Morales is an artist who is respected for his talent and innovation, so when he gives advice, he knows what he's talking about.

Recently an 18 year-old DJ on the show, who goes by the alias Redoxx, finished up his routine and Morales took the time to give the young DJ some advice.

Morales begins by naming a few of the top DJs of all time: "Louie Vega, solo uno, Frankie Knuckles, solo uno, Carl Cox, solo uno," remarking about how each of them is known for being a unique artist ("solo uno" translates to "only one"). He then mentions the name Redoxx, followed by "solo mille," which means "only one thousand," slamming the DJ for lacking individuality and inventiveness. 

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"Find your own style, be different," says Morales, which is valuable advice for any aspiring DJ or producer in today's scene. Too many artists are simply copying others with hopes of getting noticed, when in fact they should focus more on creating something new in order to stand out.

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A clear example of the current copycat mentality in electronic music is evident in the new material from Flume, who said he had to change his style because too many producer were adopting his sound profile. "I have to move on," Flume said, "but as annoying as it is - it's also flattering and it also means I move forward rather than just get lazy and keep using the same sounds."

There will always be producers in electronic music that take the easy road to success by trying to emulate others, but the artists with longevity are the ones who truly know how to be creative in their own distinct way. Take the advice from David Morales, "find your own style, be different," because that's what leaves a lasting impression.

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