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Deadmau5 Has Made a VR Video Game, 'Absolut deadmau5'

Fully immerse yourself in the world of Deadmau5
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Never ceasing his forward thinking mentality, Deadmau5 is looking to the future, not just in music, but technology as well. Virtual Reality (VR) is fast becoming a hot trend, with many musicians tapping into the tech through VR music videos and Samsung leading the charge with their 'Oculus' headset. Now Deadmau5 is looking to get involved as well, this time with his own VR video game.

Teaming up with Absolut Labs, Deadmau5 has created a VR video game called Absolut deadmau5. Users can explore the world of the artist, driving through Toronto while listening to his new music, petting his cat Meowingtons, locking in DJ gigs, and hanging out on stage while he performs. 

In order to fully allow users to immerse themselves in the world of Deadmau5, the game will come with a cardboard mau5 head that can be worn when exploring the VR world. This is a limited edition piece, so hop on the your pre-order if you would like to get your hands on one.

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Absolut deadmau5 is set to be released on iOS and Android, July 27. Watch the trailer below.

[via: Polygon]

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