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Watch: Deadmau5 Shows Off mau5 head Collection

A rare look at the mau5 heads that have been worn on stage
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Deadmau5 helmet head


As NVDIA and deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, continue to reveal more about their PC mod collaboration, we are presented with episode 2 of The deadmau5 Project, featuring a rare inside look at the distinguished producer's mau5 head collection. 

A major staple of Joel's persona as deadmau5 is his mau5 head, which he wears on stage during his visually stunning and technologically advanced performances. Many of the helmets that we see in this episode have been worn by Joel and each has been hand crafted to meet his specifications. As he points on in the video, with such a unique project sometimes human error occurs which can be dangerous, like when they accidentally sent too much power to the mau5 head during a soundcheck. 

Watch the video below to get a better idea of what goes into creating these mau5 heads, along with more information on the special project in collaboration with NVDIA. 

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